We want to send a massive Love & Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest and helped making it a successful one! Our motive for this “The Grand Giveaway” is to create awareness for Scrunchies and bring forth the value of quality.

It was an amazing experience for us conducting this awesome giveaway, We were stunned by the responses and the love showed by the participants, Few thousand people had participated in this contest while chances of winning was solely in the hands of participants.

 We have seen few remarkable efforts made by individual by creating outstanding contents & promotions for us, and many of you had shown your love for Scrunchies, We were delighted and blessed.

 Our giveaway contest results are arrived purely based on participants Engagement, Effort and Skill. It wasn’t easy to select 100 winners from so many participants. Although, We arrived Top 100 people with our best of knowledge obtained on the available data. We congratulate all the winners of this contest, and for the ones who didn’t get the spot on Top 100 “We have something for you”.

 We at VROU aren’t happy letting other participants and those friends who supported them in contest go home empty handed, so we decided to make something for everyone.

Yes, Everyone who participated in “The Grand Giveaway” will get FLAT 30% DISCOUNT COUPON for all products in VROU website (www.vrou.in).

Use code “GIVEAWAY” and redeem this one time discount of 30% (Coupon can be used only once per participant).



To redeem "THE PRINCESS COLLECTION", send DM to @vrou.in from the same Instagram account which is mentioned in the winners list. We'll send you a coupon code and a link to checkout product, at the time of checkout you need to fill your address and contact details and, then THE PRINCESS COLLECTION will be on the way to you.