About Us

Born out of the need to unleash beauty in India, “VROU” is founded on January 2019. We are a quickly growing lifestyle fashion brand in India that designs Apparel and Hair accessories. Having a grass root understanding of the fashion industry, we offer a wide range of handpicked merchandise, particularly Nightwear and Hair accessories to fit any woman’s unique sense of style. Vrou's young team of designers take inspiration from the latest tides of fashion and transform them into designs and styles acceptable to the modern Indian woman.

We always stay a step ahead as our designs are carefully curated to provide our customers the latest fashions, while ensuring comfortability and quality. Every piece we make is a blend of what our customers look for, and what is trending.

Vrou's brand focuses on making global fashion accessible to everyone with unbelievably affordable price tags. We are driven by a desire and passion to empower young women all over India to get self-care and gain confidence. It is high time for Indian women to redesign their closet.

Turn heads and go bold! Revamp your wardrobe and add value to it with a lovely mix of new collections.

Our Vision is to encourage women from all walks of society to prosper in their lifestyle choices while nurturing themselves confidently— without compromising on self-care and nourishment.
We want every woman to know and live by this-
“The Next Time You Think Of Beautiful Things, Don’t Forget To Count Yourself In…”

Our Mission is to reach every woman’s closet and become an indispensable part of their lives by offering a wide range of hair accessories that are a perfect fit for every occasion— moreover, at affordable prices, and unparalleled quality and comfort.

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life!!

Scrunchies are now everywhere, from professional modern working women to teens— known to the internet for stacking it on their wrists and flaunting their fashion statement. It’s a global trend and we focus on curating designs with vibrant essence making them accessible to everyone at pocket-friendly prices. Every piece we make is a blend of what our customers look for, and what is trending. The millennial and Gen Z are adoring this ‘90s hair accessory. The good and not-so-sophisticated scrunchies have undergone an uber, chic and trendy makeover. They are blowing the internet and gladly welcomed by not just working professionals but also homemakers because comfort dominates over appearance.

To a casual observer, the hair accessory’s ubiquity might seem baffling, but our young fashion fanatics’ team takes a nostalgic thrill in transforming this long gone fashion throwback into designs and styles appreciated by today’s modern Indian woman. Our focus has been on comfort and trendy designs along with high quality, uniqueness in terms of patterns and fabric, and indigenous production. After assessing how our products & concepts were catching the attention of fashion enthusiasts while being adopted by customers in Surat— our largest fashion marketplace in India, Sai knew he was onto something special. He decided to go live and offer these fashionable scrunchies to women from other cities and states. As of today, we aim to catch pace with the urban fashion influencers by expanding our ambit in other metro cities.

About Our Founder

Our founder has started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age of 18 and has spent around 16 years of his life mastering the nitty-gritty of diverse profiles in customer service, entertainment and media, e-commerce, and sales and marketing. Embracing the roller-coaster ride that followed, he embarked on the path towards building 5 successful companies across varied domains like E-commerce, Trading, Modern day farming, and Fashion. With persistent efforts and excellent business skills, he created a niche in the e-commerce industry with Together Commerce and is all set to build a successful business empire across the nation. He believes, “If you’ve done it once, you can do it again. Even better...”