Vrou's Scrunchies Are The Biggest Bang for Your Buck.

by Arun Pradeep on September 15, 2021

Vrou's Scrunchies Are The Biggest Bang for Your Buck.


Hey ladies, we don't know if you've heard but scrunchies are back and this is an easy way to score points in your comfortable life.



Vrou's scrunchies are hella stylish, velvety, and very great for putting your hair up. They are beautiful, bright, colorful, and vibrant. They are the perfect size to wear on your wrist and are surprisingly soft yet durable. Everyone would keep asking you where you got them from! You will definitely get the most bang for your buck with our assorted scrunchies.



Plus, the color selection is incredible. They are packed with a great assortment. The pack comes with so many great shades. The colors range from vibrant to darker and it's easy to find one to match any outfit. The variety of colors allows you to match a scrunchie with a wide variety of clothes.



The rubber band inside is sturdy, and has good hold, the scrunchy fabric is super soft. They’re soft and don’t feel cheap or like they’ll fall apart. Beside the obvious fashion statement, scrunchies are a great way to minimize hair damage. Goodbye dreaded hair crease!


These hair ties are super durable and hair friendly. You will love the softness and elasticity. Not a single one is broken. They are well made so you will never need to go searching for a hair tie again.



Our scrunchies stretch nicely, which is nice for those that have thick and long hair. Taking these out is so much less painful than a normal hair tie or scrunchie.



Even after washing a few in the washing machine after continual usage, the fabric holds up great, you can hang them dry. The scrunchies come in a very cute drawstring bag too. They are great for teens or anyone on the go. As quickly as kids go through these, wearing as bracelets and in the hair, you can't go wrong with this purchase!




Vrou's scrunchies are all in perfect condition and none of them are broken or stringy. You can tug and pull each and every single one of them and none of them will snap. They retain their shape.



These are scrunchies of pretty colors and great variety. You get just about every color under the sun, so it’s fun to choose. The colors range from some darks, medium tones, pastels and even some brights.


For the price, these can't be beat! This is probably the best deal you can get on scrunchies! Don't wait, just get rid of those old crappy hair ties that rip your hair out.