This Summer will be Ponytail Summer.

by Arun Pradeep on September 15, 2021

This summer will be ponytail summer.




If you wear ponytails a lot, and the regular thin bands give you constant headaches, switch to scrunchies right away. They are soft and pliant and hold up your hair without the painful tugging sensation. It's also fun to throw back to the 90's a bit.


They are covered in a fuzzy fabric which helps put hair into a tight, clean, ponytail while it feels loose on your head. These save your hair compared to harsh elastics. It doesn’t leave dents like normal ponytail holders. You will be able to wrap it THREE times without worrying that it would snap.



There are plenty of colors to match every outfit. The multiple colors lets you coordinate with your outfit. The colors are all vibrant and you will be very pleased with the purchase.



These aren’t big high fashion scrunchies but hey for some those wouldn’t be that wearable. They're all different sizes so it's perfect for any type of hair or even just wearing as an accessory to look fab and sassy.



You can use it for exercises, sitting outside in the hot heat, shower when you don’t want your hair wet, babysitting so the kids don’t accidentally get a hand full of your hair.



When your hair gets dented by pony tails, these work great as they stay in your hair tightly and they don't leave a dentition. They are also great if you just want to put your hair in a bun! These are very comfy to sleep in or use while working out. They can hold your massive, naturally curly hair tightly.



You can also tie your hair with a regular hair pony, then just put the scrunchie over the tie. They are a great solution to do your hair quickly and not leave a line where your ponytail elastic was.



Weave all your hair in and it isn't one of those that pull on your head making you feel tight and achy. The scrunchy will stay in for your entire workout too!


You can blow out your hair in the morning, then just twist your hair into a bun and wrap these around. Leave them in while you apply makeup and get dressed and then use some light hairspray with the scrunchie still in. Drive to work like that, and take the scrunchie out when you get there. In that approximately 30-45 minutes of time, your will have a chance to make some loose, beachy waves that last at least part of the day, with pretty much no effort on your part. These work just fine, and don't leave a dent in your hair but almost create an effortless beach wave.



You can also sleep with one in so that your long hair isn't all over the place. The next morning, take it out and it will look great even if you are having a no-wash day.


There you beauty tip!



All of our scrunchies are gorgeous, sturdy and work really well. We have durable scrunchies that will grip your hair and yet have such a variety of seasonal, garment-matching, fun colors. It is honestly a huge collection, which is just great to have and handy to share.


Rock these beautiful and stylish scrunchies whenever you want to make a statement with your ponytail.