The strong, bunchy scrunchie gets loved by everyone!

by Arun Pradeep on September 15, 2021

The strong, bunchy scrunchie gets loved by everyone!


Hair scrunchies are making a comeback as they compliment any hairstyle or outfit, for any season. You'll be in fashion whether you have fragile fine or thick hair. These are so soft and do not squeeze, scratch or hurt your wrists when you wear them. They are soft and pretty but hold our hair well. They do not pinch at all and you can wear them for hours and hours. Even if you pull then really hard they won't break unlike rubber bands.



They are the right size to wrap twice so you don't have to redo your hair once again. They are easy to put in your hair and easy to take out. They are not too big, not too small and they don't have flattened sewn parts. They are adorable, very soft and very strong.



The soft velveteen fabric is super nice on your hair so it won't rip at your hair or cause split ends. They don’t leave kinks in your hair after removing them. It's less damaging for your hair than thin elastic hair ties. It doesn’t leave any marks or creases in the hair too. Slide on and off with ease.



Since there are so many different colors and shades, you can mix one or two together to match your mood and or colors you are wearing for the day. The colors are super bright, and they are big enough to wrap two times and securely hold your hair. It is so fun choosing a color to coordinate with the outfit.



They make the best buns because you get more volume than a regular pony. You can blow out your hair in the morning, then just twist the hair into a bun and wrap these around. Leave them in while you apply my makeup and get dressed and then use some light hairspray with the scrunchie still in.



These are great for any age. They are fun to wear them around the house, to the shops, and the gym. If you are an athlete and dancer with long hair, you can have your hair up for most of the day almost every day. You can use these to put your hair up when you're hanging out at home. They're really convenient and your hair won't look crazy when you use these for messy buns.



Scrunchies are large enough to go around your ballet. You can wear a looser ponytail with these instead of a tight one with the traditional skinny ones. The small ones are perfect for these hair styles: pigtails, half up half down, braids and more! You can also wear one on your wrist and pop it on your hair when you have to have it back. If you're looking for a great gift for a friend or a daughter, this is the way to go!



You really can't go wrong with a huge bag of scrunchies! We are so thrilled to have you purchase our exotic collections! If you ever run out of hair ties again, you can happily reorder from us. But considering the durability, we don’t think you'll run out of scrunchies for years as they last forever!