The good old scrunchie is alive and well, and it is totally a pleasure for the hair!

by Arun Pradeep on September 15, 2021

The good old scrunchie is alive and well, and it is totally a pleasure for the hair!


Scrunchies have officially infiltrated today's fall-fashion world. Taking care of the hair and making sure you do the least amount of damage to it as possible is really important.



Is your hair beginning to thin out and shed excessively in the last few months? Every time you tied your hair, were you horrified by the amount of hair that sticks around the rubber band when you removed them? Use a scrunchie, and voila! Problem solved.



Scrunchies are just the right amount of stretchy-ness. They are sturdy and work just as well as an elastic but are stylish and don't pull on your scalp and hair. Especially if you have long hair, and if you sleep with it down, it makes your hair break out more, gets tangled and messy. So try sleeping with it up in a bun, but using traditional hair ties will make your hair break and cause all kinds of stray hairs. Whereas scrunchies keep the hair away from your face and neck while you sleep, are comfortable, and don't cause breakage so that's great, right?



If your hair is particularly prone to breakage when its wet, using a scrunchy will keep your hair from breaking and give a more natural look to the waves in your hair after it dries and you take out the scrunchy. They are easy on the scalp and can secure your hair completely during your whole routine, which is a big win for the ladies.



The sewing is durable and the tightness of the band is perfect. The smooth fabric doesn't rip your hair. The elastic inside is wide and thin but rolled which provides amazing hold. It glides off without leaving a tangled mess. And for curly haired girls, you know that's a lot!



It is a splurge item when you think about the fact that they can loosely hold your hair up without crushing your beautiful curls. It doesn't slip a bit while running or jumping during a workout but stays up better than most brands. Its also great for getting those annoying baby hairs out of your face and eyes.



They also have enough colors to keep it interesting and to match most clothes. You can now get to enjoy a bundle of scrunchies in every color all the time!



You can wear around the wrist so that the water doesn’t drip down your arm when you're washing your face. Tips for the ladies!!!!



You can use them for heat styling when you section the hair that is styled. Hairstylists usually recommend scrunchies as a way to preserve a blowout.


They don't unravel or get stretched out as soon as you use them like all stretchy cute fleece headbands do. They even survive several trips through the washing machine. You can toss them in the laundry occasionally and they'll come out good as new.



Like other generic brands, we don't just shove all the good and bad colors together. Vrou's craftsmanship is brilliant. To our customers, if a 'perfect' scrunchy exists, it's from Vrou.