Scrunchies - Thick Hair's Best Friend

by Arun Pradeep on September 15, 2021

Scrunchies - Thick Hair's Best Friend


Have you ever taken a typical hair band out of your hair and been unpleasantly surprised to see several hairs come with it? Well, that is a problem of the past if you switch to scrunchies, the 80s comeback. These popular hair ties have received a serious upgrade.

Hair scrunchies are a great way to give straight strands more definition. They also prevent your hair from breaking and becoming more brittle. In turn, the hair is stronger and doesn't get pulled out when you put in or take out the scrunchie. Even after having your hair up all day, your head wouldn't hurt. They also don't create weird waves in the hair, like usual hair ties.


If you have thick hair, the struggle to find a hair tie that will actually work without snapping or slipping is all too real. Luckily, the scrunchies are big enough to securely hold thick hair, yet still gentle enough to avoid damaging strands. The stitches are tight enough, so don't worry, you won't see them fall apart and the strings peeked out.


Scrunchies, being super stretchy, are perfect for enriching the volume of hair and fullness to a bun or a ponytail. Wrapping around these eye-catching hair wraps keeps the hair in place without slipping. They can easily wrap 3 times around the ponytail. They are GREAT for holding thick hair in place all day.


Begin by towel-drying your hair, brushing it to ensure it is free of any knots or tangles. Where you have to spend 15 minutes after showing for the entire styling process to take place, you can put up your hair using a scrunchie. Without the burden of a heaping towel atop your head, you are free to get dressed and do your thing while the scrunchie works its magic. Gently remove the bun to reveal gorgeous, scrunched hair. Your hair will basically glide through when you pull the tie out. Scrunchies are extremely comfortable that you won't even feel the hair is tied. Just toss up long hair and go. No mirror, comb or brush required. Mix up your hair fashion by using original scrunchies for a dramatic high ponytail, in a casual bun or top knot, or create a more sophisticated style by placing it lower at the nape of your neck.


We know you love your hair and care for them very much, hence brand Vrou made these hair scrunchies specially with extra soft fabrics and used very fine quality elastic inside. We bundled up our favorite styles into bunches of 3, so that you won't have to select just one. Our scrunchie collections are great for the long run and remain sturdy while you do bouncy workouts. These quickly drying scrunchies can single-handedly revolutionize your curly hair routine. Enjoy the pretty hair ties available in unique colors, prints and textures.


These beautiful hand made hair accessories will surely stand out and make your hair look gorgeous. Our elegant designs are timeless and minimal. They never go out of style.