It's a scrunchie. It scrunches. What more can anybody want!

by Arun Pradeep on September 15, 2021

It's a scrunchie. It scrunches. What more can anybody want!


Women always face the issue of typical hair ties pulling out their hair and leaving those weird waves after just a few minutes or hours of use. Also they always face problems with having headaches after putting a bun or ponytail with their super tender head. But with scrunchies, you don't have to deal with all that at all! It stays in place and you only have to wrap it twice around.



Scrunchies can be used for pulling your long hair back into a top bun to sleep in, or in the shower when not washing your hair, or just having in your bag when your hair starts bothering you on a wet or humid day. They are definitely more comfortable than the ones you have seen at malls and shops.



They have a great hold and it won't feel like anything is in your hair at all. You don’t have to adjust your pony a million times a day. They can even last a 12 hour shift without having to readjust.



Vrou's durable scrunchies are super soft with no shredding or discoloration. Even after multiple washings, they don't lose their stitching. They don't break out, lose their elasticity or fade. The seams are also tight with no fraying. You will not have a single one break and can use them for several months.



Big satin scrunchies are perfect to protect your hair from losing moisture while banding, doing a ponytail or stretching your curls.



If you have super fragile baby hair, then scrunchies are perfect for you. They prevent you from breaking your hair when you are pulling it up into a ponytail. Unlike usual rubber bands that constantly slip, scrunchies stay in the hair with minimal movement even after sweaty workouts.



If you have long hair, the kind that could make you wake up overheated in the worst sweaty way, means plopping all that hair up, then befriend a scrunchie!


Scrunchies are also great for sports. They hold your hair back and out of your face. They stay put, and doesn't slide off the back of the head or forward into the face even when you bend down. At the same time it is not so tight that it gives a headache, or pinch, or bother you in any way.



It's much less drama to take our soft scrunchy out in the evening versus little rubber bands or hair ties. They glide in and out of hair without creating tangles so you can use them daily when exercising, while walking outdoors, when at brunch or when lounging around.



Vrou's vibrant scrunchies are not only beautiful and come in a pretty package but work wonderful for your hair. They have just the right amount of elasticity to hold your hair up - not too loose or too tight.



We understand how sleek thin bands are always a hassle for ladies, therefore our scrunchies are carefully sewn and made to last. You will be absolutely blown away and obsessed with the quality of these scrunchies. You'll have nothing to complain about.



Gift our luxurious set to your closed ones and let them discover the joy of scrunchie!